Room With a View Apartment .



A renovation of a two bedroom apartment in Fitzroy North. Redesigning the kitchen, bathroom, and inserting a new ensuite into an otherwise underutilised anteroom. The name comes ironically, as the apartment project renovates 3 existing spaces- each without windows. The dark kitchen has opened up with a servery and floating shelves over the bench. Now views through to the north facing windows and trees beyond will be enjoyed, and framed by the timber shelves. This small kitchen retained all services in their existing locations as a cost saving measure. The ensuite (disconnected but adjacent to the bedroom), now occupies what was an empty landing space, taking advantage of a skylight to bring in a dark palette of inky mottled walls and Japanese glazed tiles. New windows transport light from here into the apartment beyond. The existing (and now main) bathroom with a low ceiling and no window felt flat, dark and outdated. Inserting interest through white tiles with shade variation and making a feature of the floating vanity will bring this room the life. The “view” in this room is based on Michel Foucault’s concept of the Heterotopia, where the Mirror acts as a window into a world that is both real and not real, to a place that allows one to see oneself in space.

Concept design, layout planning, joinery design, lighting design & specification, fixtures & fittings specification, tender process management,  bodycorp and other consultants through build, ongoing liaison with builder through build, documentation package.

(Existing conditions prior to redesign shown in black and white photography)

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