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·W.I.P Miscellaneous, 2022

·Dsmile Flagship Healthcare, 2021

· Maples Lane Retail, 2020

· Booklovers’ Home Residential, 2021

· Treetops Apartment Residential, 2021

· South Melbourne Physio Healthcare, 2019

· Place & Space Studio Workplace, 2021

· Room with a View Residential, 2021

·Bauhaus Bayside Multi-Residential, Ongoing

· Home for a Growing Family Residential, 2019





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Studio A·m·i
interiors & design

Room with a View

A renovation of a 2 bedroom apartment. A redesign of an existing kitchen & bathroom called for a complete reimagining of the spaces in order to provide both better amenity, as well as sense of spaciousness. An upper floor landing was tranformed into a second bathroom, acting as the ensuite of the master bedroom. Each space sought to create ‘Views’, rather than the spaces being closed off.
The kitchen opened up an existing wall of boxed out joinery, instead inserting open suspended shelving that hangs lightly within the space. The bathroom removed doors within, opening up the space to have portals into the next areas. The ensuite built a window to help light pass down into the floor below, as well as instated a new glazed skylight.

Project Type    Residential
Project Completion   2021
Project Location   Fitzroy North, Victoria, Australia
Built    FENCON
Interior Designer    Studio Ami

Services Planning, Design & Documentation, Joinery desgin, Finishes Specifications, Lighting Design & Spec.

Photography    Pier Carthew
Styling    Studio Ami

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